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Equity Impact Foundation

Equity Impact is a charitable foundation of Equity Partners Property Group, established for the purpose of providing support and opportunities for disadvantaged groups in the areas of vocational training and employment.




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Leadership Team

Erica Wu
Erica Wu is Managing Director of Equity Partners Property Group. Erica has extensive experience in the finance sector, whereby she held the role of Chief Finance Officer for several major national and international companies. Erica holds a Bachelor in Commerce and a Masters in Business.
Erica is committed to Equity Impact, a charitable foundation of Equity Partners Property Group, which aims to provide disadvantaged groups with support and opportunities in vocational training and employment. Erica sees Equity Impact as the very purpose and existence of Equity Partners Property Group and the motivating factor for all partners and staff members of the company.

Michael Liu
Michael is Business Development Director of Equity Partners Property Group. He has a background in accounting and a proven track record in real estate. Michael holds a Bachelor of Management.
Michael was also a professional karate champion in China and was selected to join the Australian National Squad in 2014 and 2015.
Michael is very passionate about Equity Impact and is committed to using his skills and experience to support disadvantaged groups and individuals.

Naomi Ngo
Naomi is a Partner and Foundation Director of Equity Partners Property Group. In addition to her property consultancy work, Naomi is largely responsible for developing and managing Equity Impact.
Prior to turning her hobby in real estate into a career, Naomi spent almost 20 years conducting community development and community action research, which targeted disadvantaged communities. Naomi holds a Bachelor in Social Work and a PhD in Social Science.
Naomi is also Chairperson and founding member of the John Byrne Memorial, a sub-fund of State Trustees Australia Foundation, providing support to disadvantaged young people with their educational pursuits.

Lionna Deng
Lionna is Property Consultant at Equity Partners Property Group. With a background in accounting, she was a chief accountant of a foreign-related company in China. Lionna is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She is an easy going, highly experienced real estate professional that goes over the beyond to help clients in achieving their property goals, including international clients seeking to invest in the Australian property market.