Equity Impact is a charitable foundation of Equity Partners Property Group, established for the purpose of providing support and opportunities for disadvantaged groups in the areas of vocational training and employment.
Equity Impact is currently in the process of identifying and creating partnerships with relevant companies and community organisations to determine the various programs to be established.
If you would like more information on Equity Impact and/or would like to take part in any way, please contact Naomi Ngo, Foundation Director, via email or telephone 0416 267 922.


EPPG’s charitable foundation, Equity Impact, has been established to provide support and opportunities for disadvantaged groups in the areas of vocational training and employment. Currently, Equity Impact is focused on supporting disadvantaged young people in Australia and in developing countries.

Equity Impact Foundation Director, Naomi Ngo, recently attended a crowd-funding campaign to support a start-up social enterprise, Krama Sunrise – Cambodia Tour. Krama Sunrise provides opportunities for young Cambodians to obtain training, support and paid work experience.

Equity Impact identified Krama Sunrise as a new social enterprise with programs that directly align with the aims of Equity Impact. The success of Krama Sunrise will improve the livelihoods of young Cambodians, therefore Equity Impact would like to provide Krama Sunrise with more chance of success.

The financial boost provided by Equity Impact will provide 20 training days for young people that will build their skills for employment: English language training, IT skills, first aid, customer service and safety in the tourist industry, planning and organising, problem solving to name just a few essential skills.

If you are interested in learning more about Equity Impact or Krama Sunrise – Cambodia Tours . Krama Sunrise is currently seeking additional business sponsorships. Please direct enquiries to co-founder Loretta Bellato or publicly donate on our crowdfunding campaign page.